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Sprinkler work in the St. George area can be risky. Some repairment and smaller companies are very short term. They can often repair sprinklers just fine, sure, but every once in a while something goes wrong. And when something goes wrong, these repairment often run, and don’t fix the job. Or worse, it can cause a lot of damage to your home. Sprinkler Master is licensed and insured, and we’ve been in business for years now, with no intentions of stopping! We pride ourselves on helping you, year after year, maintain your yard.


You want your home to be worth showing off. You want your lawn to be green and lush and soft. Protect your lawn from the beating summer sun in St. George, Utah. Save water, time, and money and get the experts at Sprinkler Master to install a new automatic sprinkler system in your yard! And don’t worry, once you do have your sprinkler system installed, we offer year round services for your sprinklers! From repairs, to winterizations, to start ups, we have you covered!


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