Sprinkler Repair In Hurricane Utah

Sprinkler repair near Hurricane, Ut


A quality sprinkler system is designed for watering lawns efficiently, some sprinklers are designed to water only the plant roots while some sprinklers are designed to spray leaves of plants. There are sprinklers that are able to provide adequate coverage, adjust sprays depending on the weather conditions and there are sprinklers that can be programmed to water your lawn when it is not raining. Read on to find out why you need sprinkler repair in Hurricane, Ut. 

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Sprinkler Head Repair


Some sprinklers are designed with the capability to provide immediate sprinkling that benefits plants and trees in an area like a newly planted tree in your garden. When sprinkler heads and sprinkler valves in Hurricane Utah fail, the damage caused will lead you to incur more cost when flooding takes place  in your property.

Possibilities of sprinkler failure can include sprinklers that do not pop up, sprinklers that rotate too much, or sprinklers with brown spots. It’s not always easy to spot failures when they take place.

There are three possible reasons why sprinkler heads fail:

  • The sprinkler head is misaligned.
  • The sprinkler head has a kink or crack that restricts water from flowing through it.
  • Stubborn sprinkler heads remain in places where they are no longer able to pop up because of hard soil.

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Prevent Long Term Damage

Don’t let these issues cause long-term damage to your home and lawn sprinkler system. Repair sprinkler heads as quickly as possible to ensure your sprinkler system continues to work well.

Sprinkler repair Hurricane Utah

Fix your broken or malfunctioning sprinklers fast! If your sprinkler heads won’t pop up, it’s time for a replacement. Let’s get your system running perfectly. Sometimes sprinklers may become damaged by thermal expansion or other means that cause them to need sprinkler repair.

Sprinkler Master Repair St. George Utah has been providing sprinkler repair in Hurricane Utah for over 10 years. They offer lawn maintenance services too, which is perfect for the climate of Hurricane Utah! Whether your sprinkler system needs a fix or you need someone to mow your lawn this summer, we can help get the job done. Contact us at 435-680-7912

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