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Save Water This Summer And Keep Your Yard Green

In the last few years, green grass has started to indicate that someone is wasting water. This is a myth. In fact, if you want to keep your grass looking green, and keep your garden watered, there’s a lot you can do that will help conserve water. First of all, contrary to what most people believe, sprinkler systems can actually be much more efficient with water usage than watering by hand. Watering by hand can over-saturate soil. A properly installed sprinkler system with a moisture sensor and a smart timer will only water until the soil has the perfect amount of moisture. When programmed correctly, it will also only water at night, keeping water wastage from evaporation at a minimum. Smart timers will also do an automatic rain delay, taking another step in water conservation.

If you have older or outdated sprinkler system parts, then yes. It will probably waste more water than it has to. But if you have a newer sprinkler system or have upgraded key components recently, you can help reduce water usage by a significant degree.

Keep Your Sprinkler System In Good Repair

It might be obvious, but sprinkler repair in Ivins, UT can save staggering amounts of water. If you have a sprinkler pipe that is cracked or damaged, you can lose gallons of water into the soil that won’t be used by your grass. Mowed over? A sprinkler head shooting water skyward wastes water. Any issue in your sprinkler system can lead to a high water bill, and a lot of wasted water. Sprinkler Master Repair St. George UT is a local company here in Ivins, Utah that can help you keep your sprinkler system in perfect repair. Maintenance is definitely required in your sprinkler system, and we can get that maintenance done. No matter what issue your sprinkler may have, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done. Keep your lawn green and reduce water waste with sprinkler repair in Ivins by texting or calling Sprinkler Master at (435) 680-7912 today!

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