Sprinkler Repair Santa Clara


Sprinkler Master St. George Sprinkler Master (435) 680-7912


Sprinkler Repair in Santa Clara, UT 84765


Sprinkler Services

  • Sprinkler Head Repair
  • PVC/Poly Pipe Repair
  • Timer Programming
  • Drip Line Installation
  • Sprinkler Start-up/Initalization
  • Midsummer Maintenance

The Best Sprinkler Repair Company in Santa Clara, UT


Sprinkler Master in the greater St. George area has been the go-to sprinkler company for years now. We've got all the experience and tools to do anything required on a sprinkler system. We know how to use a sprinkler system to keep a lawn perfectly green, and a garden fresh. With a sprinkler system optimized by us with a smart timer and a moisture sensor, you can reduce water waste, lower your water bill, and keep your lawn green.

If you want to level up your sprinkler system and save water and money, call Sprinkler Master in Santa Clara at (435) 680-7912!

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